Chief Operations Officer
National NCSY


The Chief Operations Officer (COO) for NCSY is responsible to further the objectives of NCSY as defined by the NCSY International Director. This will be accomplished through leading NCSY’s operations and support-oriented departments to most efficiently and successfully do their jobs. The core of NCSY’s central HQ functions is to best support the regions in their work on the ground; the better those departments function, the more successful NCSY will be in achieving our goals.

The COO reports to the NCSY International Director and is part of the NCSY Management Team.
Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.
If you are interested, please reach out to

Key Responsibilities

o Creating a vision and strategy for how NCSY can best support the regions in executing the work of NCSY
o Communicating the optimal structure, roles, and responsibilities of NCSY’s operations-focused departments
o Effective management of those departments to best support NCSY’s goals
o Liaison to OU’s support departments and to EVP’s office to ensure highest level support to NCSY
o Optimally deploying national NCSY support staff to most efficiently meet the organization’s support needs
o Driving key organization-wide projects
o Collaborating with the other members of the Management Team on the visioning and planning for NCSY’s execution of its strategic priorities.

The following functions and departments will report to the COO, with these areas supporting NCSY’s regions and leadership team:
o Finance/accounting
o Information Technology
o Data and evaluation
o Marketing and communications
o Operations/facilities
o Legal/insurance
o Behavioral standards/ombudsman issues, in coordination with the Assoc. Intl. Director on regional matters
o Special responsibility for Advisor Development/Glaubach Fellows, given prior involvement with the family and the grant


The COO requires personal, organizational, and leadership skill and experience to communicate objectives, enlist the partnership and collaboration of NCSY colleagues, and ultimately to ensure that the NCSY support departments are optimally structured for success and effectiveness.