Director of Anglo Engagement
OU in Israel


The Director of Anglo Engagement and Programming is a new and exciting position. The Director will play a pivotal role impacting the future of religious life for Anglo communities in Israel on behalf of the OU. This high-level position is integral to enhancing the spiritual, and communal well-being of the Anglo population, fostering a vibrant and cohesive communities within Israeli society. The Director will be entrusted with developing and executing innovative strategies that elevate the quality of religious life for Anglos in Israel, ensuring that they are well-integrated and supported through comprehensive programs and initiatives.
Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Key Responsibilities

• Develop and Execute Strategic Plans: Create and implement comprehensive strategies based on market research to support and enhance the Anglo community's integration into Israeli society.
• Program Development: Innovate and oversee new initiatives and programs addressing the evolving needs of the Anglo community.
• Enhance Existing OU Programs: In partnership with the other OU Department Directors, enhance existing programs such as NCSY, JLIC, and Yachad, ensuring they provide a cohesive and supportive environment within the OU framework.
• Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community and belonging by engaging with the Anglo population through diverse programs and events.
• Programming Oversight: Create and manage an annual and summer programming calendar tailored to the Anglo community's specific needs.
• Staff Leadership: Oversee and motivate staff across multiple departments, ensuring alignment with organizational goals.
• When appropriate, partner with other organizations (Nefesh B’Nefesh, Mizrachi, etc.) to enhance religious life in communities and benefit from existing resources.
• Work together with the development team to identify funding sources, including grants, donations, and partnerships.
• Cultivate and maintain relationships with donors, stakeholders, and community leaders to strengthen support and collaboration.
• Leverage communal resources by increasing collaboration between local programs and global initiatives to maximize resources and expertise.


· Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field.
· 7+ Years of experience in community service, program management, or a related field.
· Fundraising Experience: Demonstrated success in fundraising efforts.
· Budget Management: Experience in reading, creating, and managing budgets.
· Social Media and Marketing: Professional experience is an advantageous
• Visionary Leadership: Ability to articulate and create a compelling vision and strategic plan.
• Community-Oriented: Passionate about serving Klal Yisrael and specifically dedicated to the Anglo community in Israel.
• Management Skills: Strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills for managing staff and programs effectively.
• Cultural Awareness: In-depth familiarity with the Anglo communities in Israel, including Rabbanim and community dynamics.
• Multilingual: High proficiency in both written and verbal English and Hebrew.
• Cultural Aptitude: Comprehensive understanding of Israeli society, including education, youth programming, community nuances, and government programs.