Brooklyn, NY


Magenu works to protect our children by providing education in personal safety. Magenu believes in a coordinated effort between our schools, parents, and children to achieve a safe environment. Magenu has designed educational curriculum for parents, educators and students. These programs are currently in 56 schools, reaching over 20,000 students. Magenu's educational content has been
proven to lessen the frequency of child sexual abuse, create better safety protocols in schools and give adults the knowledge needed to protect their children.
Magenu is seeking a Director to oversee its' growth and expansion.
Salary $100,000 + Benefits
To apply for this position, send your resume to

Key Responsibilities

→ Develop relationships with Community Rabbanim, Principals, educators and lay leaders
→ Lead the expansion of Magenu into schools around the country
→ Work with marketing professionals to develop PR strategy
→ Coordinate production for new educational materials and publications

Reports to Dr Shani Verschleiser, Founder and Director of Magenu.


→ Passionate about childrens' safety
→ 3-5 years of experience in community engagement or administrative position
→ Excellent people skills
→ Good communicator
→ Relationship builder
→ Creative and resourceful
→ Self starter