Engagement Manager for Rabbi David Aaron
Mayberg Foundation


The Mayberg Foundation seeks a dedicated and persistent Engagement Manager to work side by side with Rabbi David Aaron, a renowned Jewish author and educator, to help distribute his teachings broadly through print, online platforms and in person speaking engagements. The Engagement Manager will represent Rabbi Aaron with various publishers, partners, funders and other parties who can help disseminate his work.

Key Responsibilities

● Evaluate and creatively package for distribution all existing vehicles including: books, animated videos, curriculum, live talks, interviews, podcasts, etc.
● Develop strategies for distribution including: National and global partnerships, social media platforms, Jewish education fields and platforms, unconventional fields and platforms
● Execute strategies devoting dedicated time to meeting with potential distribution partners and setting programs in place.
● Develop specific metrics for each program so evaluation processes are in place.
● Carefully track progress for all projects in sharable and well organized format.
● Opening new relationships, and growing existing relationships with individuals and organizations who will help proliferate Rabbi Aaron’s teachings in various formats.
● Work directly with Koren and/or other publishers in the development and maintenance of various publicity channels.
● Oversee and develop a broad social media strategy. Develop and grow audiences through building and managing various social media channels
● Schedule meetings and perform other personal assistant duties as they relate to advancing the work of disseminating Rabbi Aaron’s teachings
● Arrange and handle logistics for speaking engagements and other public appearances
● Negotiate speaking engagements and contracts
● Plan, execute and attend publicity events as appropriate
● Work with Rabbi Aaron to organize existing content, create additional content series and create consumable consistent content for a loyal following


Must have a minimum of 3 years hands on experience in either PR, Marketing or Sales. Must be authentically committed to spreading R. Aaron’s Torah. Dedication to the cause, beyond the
remuneration, is a must for success in this significant and meaningful endeavor. Must be a self-starter, organized, tenacious and enjoy working with people. The ability to follow a lead to the end is critical for success in this role. Rabbi Aaron and the Mayberg Foundation can facilitate introductions with an impressive list of connections - but the Engagement Manager will be tasked with following up on every lead persistently and professionally until results are achieved.

This position is both inward facing (Ex: organizing content, preparing content calendar, etc.) and outward facing (Ex: managing publicity, building relationships with potential clients, helping
clients choose content for appearances, creating publicity, etc.). This position is a pilot hire with tremendous potential for growth, as Rabbi Aaron’s teachings gain widespread awareness. The Engagement Manager will join Rabbi Aaron on his journey to uplift the world through his books, classes and events - and ultimately create a global community of students.

Travel to the Old City required once a week and ability to travel to events