You’ll find 2,010,000 people with the job title “recruiter” on LinkedIn.

What makes us different?

I’m Shira,

Chief Recruiter at SW Recruiting.

After earning a Master’s in Education at Azrieli Graduate School of Education and teaching in Jewish schools, I spent the next decade climbing the ladder at a boutique recruiting firm that specializes in placing consultants from McKinsey, Bain and BCG into industry roles.

While helping elite biz graduates plan their exit and build their futures, I learned a professional approach, strategic smarts, and a long-game view of ROI.

And then I thought: What if I could take that level of professionalism, expertise, and intuition, and channel it to the Jewish nonprofit world?

What kind of ripple-effect impact could that have?

So in 2017, I turned to my real passion: bringing the best recruiting practices from the corporate universe to visionary Jewish nonprofits.

And I’ve never looked back.

It’s been a journey of:


tens of clients


thousands of closely connected contacts


and one carefully curated mission:

Helping Jewish nonprofits find the talent to fuel their missions.

Now, my team has expanded to include a cadre of determined and professional recruiters ー
So we can perfectly match your search to a niche expert.

“She delivers a premier experience”

“Shira combines a professional corporate background and boots-on-the-ground experience in the Jewish nonprofit world to deliver the premier experience for her clients.”

Ari Rockoff

Executive Vice President, RZA

“Her guidance throughout the search process is always “spot on”

“Shira is a consummate professional; detail oriented, straightforward and honest. Her guidance throughout the search process is always “spot on”; she never over-promises and can be counted on for her integrity. I was most impressed with her follow up and her ability to move a process forward.”

Shea Lerner

Chief Development Officer, Friends of IDF

There’s a reason you’re in this business field.

You know the value of a strong mission. A joint goal. And a sense of purpose.

And you know it takes the right people to get you there.

But the words “open position” are dread-inducing.

Because the hiring process is notoriously:


Potentially aggravating

Full of dead-ends

We get it.

You need:


Access to a CRM full of top quality + vetted candidates – each of whom we know personally.


Concierge service to ease the (potential!) frustrations and bumps.


An honest and trust-inspiring professional who smashes the recruiter stereotype.

You DON’T need:


Aggressive recruiters who will take the hard-line – without regard for your hesitations and preferences.


Money-hungry amateurs who will load off resumes (CVs) – at the cost of your sanity.


Endless runaround and back-to-square-one ordeals.

That’s why we promise a different experience.

And we’ve delivered it ー over and over and over.

Years of experience

Salary negotiated

Thrilled clients

Searching for the right talent is not for the faint of heart.
But then again, neither is any of your nonprofit work.

Trust your success with the recruiter trusted by:

Our promise to you:

We won’t stop until you feel like “This is IT.”

Because there’s nothing as satisfying as that purposeful handshake.
And that “Aha” moment feeling.

Ready for your next handshake?